These guys can cause a lot of damage and frustration by chewing trees, digging out banks, stopping up drainages, crop damage, flooding just to name a few. If you are unsure if beaver are your problem there are several ways to tell. Your saplings are being chewed off at sharp angle. Your finding saplings with the bark chewed off. You have large trees dying because the bark has been chewed all the way around the base. They will even build a bank den in a large tree root system along your creek/river eventually causing the roots to give way and the result is a tree washed away and erosion of your property.

Beaver Damage photos

Top side of beaver dam


This is a small drainage from a lake that beaver decided to build a dam on.

Bottom side of same dam


 This dam as you can see has raised the level of this particular lake several feet and washed the bank out causing major erosion and flooding.

Beaver slide


This is a beaver slide and you find these typically along a lake or stream leading from the water to a feeding area.

Territorial marker


Castor mound that this beaver had to mark his area.

Beaver lodge


This is a large beaver lodge and is made up of a large amount of saplings, mud and other vegetation.

Small lodge


This is a smaller lodge.



These guys can play havoc on your wildlife. They are absolutely an invasive species that have really devastated the cottontail rabbit, red fox, and grey fox populations just to name a few. They have no natural predators and the result is a ever growing out of control population. Maybe you have a nice farm/hunting lease and the coyotes are having an negative effect on your whitetail deer populations or one of the many named species above. You can and you should have them removed to restore the natural balance to your wildlife. If you are unsure if you have a coyote problem there are several ways to determine if you do. You can hear them howling at dusk or sometimes when they hear emergency vehicles they will howl. Your finding dead deer regularly. You're seeing K-9 tracks along animal trails and along the edges of fields or in creek /river bottoms. Finding K-9 feces with large amounts of deer hair. You will even see them out during the day sometimes.



When these guys invade your ponds and creeks they can cause a lot of damage. They will build bank dens that will eventually collapse in, erosion of your banks leading to the shallowing of your ponds, they will even compromise your ponds dams, and even build large huts out of nearby vegetation. If you are noticing any of these things its time to consider having them removed before the damage compromises your ponds dam, banks and ultimately resulting in a much more costly repair to fix a leaky dam, and the removal of large huts.